Moving to Palermo is a great idea if you love mild climates and very hot and sunny summers. The temperatures in Sicily in Winter never exceed 14, so many people go to sea in February!

Palermo is one of the least expensive cities in Italy, but it is also the one that has the most resources in Sicily. It is not difficult to rent a room for 250€ per month, and thanks to the services of WillAge you can also rely on a complete service that can then include all the accessories you need. Here are some helpful tips on how to live on a low budget, especially for a small 30-day vacation!

Food won't be a problem

Palermo is the homeland of street food, and not only the Italian one but also that of different nationalities. It is in fact possible to find Greek, Arab, African food: this is because Sicily is in the middle of these cultures. Dinner or lunch will not be a problem at all, with very low costs and content especially in local markets. Arancini, bread and panelle and the famous "panino ca meusa" are the typical products of the Sicilian cultural tradition that we recommend everyone to try at least once.

Save on cultural activities

Palermo is home to several UNESCO sites, mainly landscaped or panoramic and therefore do not require the payment of any ticket. Most of the activities can be done at no cost, simply by walking through the streets. Many of the churches can be fully visited, including the Cathedral of Palermo, which is also completely free. The various cultures are intertwined in a Norman Arab and Baroque style. Palermo is multicultural and for this reason it will be easy not to be disappointed, even if a problem is clearly the language barrier because nobody or almost nobody is able to speak in English.

Affordable nightlife

In Palermo you can find one of the most famous theatres in the world, namely the Teatro Massimo and the Teatro Politeama. However, these are very expensive activities, which is why there are cheaper alternatives, such as free jazz concerts in the summer. It is a city that never sleeps, so you can enjoy these activities at any time of day.

Travelling with little

Being an island, Palermo is well connected to all the other major Italian cities with very cheap flights. Several airlines operate here, such as Volotea, Ryanair, Easyjet. These are low cost companies that will allow you to visit not only Italian cities but also the largest European capitals.

Free beaches

In Palermo and in general in Sicily there are many free beaches, this means that going to the sea is an economic activity that all Sicilians love to do. The beaches are immense, endless kilometers in which to get lost and also spend different days. The clear sand, the crystal clear sea, and numerous other magnificent attractions at your fingertips. Without spending a euro.

Daily costs in Palermo

Street-Food: less than 2€

Economical restaurant: 10€.

Standard restaurant: 20€.

0.5L of beer: 1.20€.

1kg of tomatoes : 1.00€

Cigarette packet: 5.00

Espresso : 0.90€