The island of Pantelleria is an enchanted place, full of charm and above all of features that make it special. Called "the Black Pearl" of the Mediterranean, it is closer to Africa than to Sicily and this makes it a place full of different culture and traditions that come together to create something unique and special. 

Pantelleria can be reached both by flight and by sea and this immediately allows you to immerse yourself in the most ancient streets, narrow and full of history. 

The area of the old port is full of typical markets and the air is full of a timeless beauty, exotic but also familiar, the result of the union of two nations apparently distant but that actually share a lot.

There are many attractions that this charming place presents, starting with the famous Castello Barbacane built entirely of lava stone and built in Byzantine times. When the Normans landed on the island they drew inside the castle a Christian cross that marked the beginning of the Christian faith after three centuries of Arab domination. Charles V ordered the restoration in 1535 adding over 35 towers scattered throughout Sicily. 

Another work worthy of attention is the Chiesa Madre del Santissimo Salvatore (Mother Church of the Holy Saviour) which is very different from the classic Sicilian churches, especially for architecture. The aesthetic recalls the "dammusi", ancient houses of Pantelleria and the predominant colors are the light blue that undoubtedly recalls the sea.

The human settlement in Pantelleria dates back more than 5000 years. The Sesioti were a community of farmers who built their village on an inlet on the sea: the abundant presence of obsidian gave life to the first curious people who tried to get rich. To reach contrada Mursia is like diving into the past: this place was conquered by the Greeks and then by the Phoenicians and still preserve archaeological buildings of these two dominations. We're talking about the "Sesi", huge constructions that can still be observed today.

Pantelleria is not only history and culture, but it is also the perfect meeting point to spend a holiday suitable for the whole family. The island is characterized by shallow waters, smooth rocks and natural pools and is full of clear beaches and crystal clear water. In particular you can find real natural paradises in Cala Tramontana that is surrounded by dark rocky walls, but going down the natural staircase we will be transported to the beach of Martingana.

Pantelleria is not only surrounded by sand and sea, but it is also possible to bathe in the lake known as  "the mirror of Venus". The shape of the lake is at heart and that is why it is usually chosen as a romantic destination for couples. There is also the possibility of taking baths and thermal mud baths in pools that naturally reach 50 degrees.

Living at 360 degrees this magical place is certainly not simple. There are many other things that make it a paradise and a place outside of Italy, such as the food and wine culture we talked about in another article. Experiencing the union of two nations is not always easy, often it is difficult due to limitations of one or the other but this is not true for the island of Pantelleria that seems to be suspended in time, culture, traditions.