As for Sicily, life in Puglia is characterized by a very mild climate, endless and boundless landscapes and many activities to do in total relaxation and surrounded by nature and tradition. 

The characteristic shape of Puglia gives it the opportunity to have 800km (497 miles) of coastline and two seas to bathe it, an element that gives it not only more personality and characterization but above all different types of fish and beach type. 

Puglia is a very important region for the whole of Italy, as it provides 40% of the stock of olive oil, a source of pride for the entire state. Here is also produced one of the most loved wines ever, that of Manduria. The "dolce vita" (which translates to sweet life in English) is absolutely present in this enchanted place.

In Puglia there is an extremely Mediterranean climate, characterized by a Spring that does not exceed 20C and by Summers that are long, warm and dry and that last until late September. Temperatures could reach high degrees, around 35C, but the high position of the region allows you to enjoy a cool breeze that makes the heat bearable.

It is not unusual to see people at sea even in the purely winter months, such as February. The sea is in fact everything on which the entertainment of Puglia is based, of which the inhabitants are really proud. The beaches are immense, mostly free and without the privatization that would be found in regions further north. 

The locals are very welcoming and if you are in cities like Bari or Brindisi you can closely observe the Italian tradition and one of the largest and liveliest fish markets of the entire nation. 

Here you can meet people interested not only in selling their products at zero kilometer, but also people who have as their only desire to socialize. Socialization is a point in favor of Puglia, which as for Sicily provides places to go out late at night and many squares to socialize. Recreational activities are many, as well as clubs, organizations and so on.

Why moving to Puglia is a brilliant idea?

Slow pace of life. Time here flows slowly and is guided by a centuries-long tradition. The cities are full of colors and smells, especially those more rural and hidden from the center: here you can feel the scents of tradition, people gathered before dinner time and older people engaged in the most typical activities such as making the "orecchiette", a homemade pasta typical of the area.

The food. A characteristic common to all of Italy is definitely the food, and the south is especially loved for the freshness of every product and every ingredient. Puglia is no exception, with local markets full of fresh fish just caught and not imported from any other sea. Not only fish and not only pasta, in Puglia there are the largest Italian dairies where the "burrata" is produced, a mozzarella with a soft heart of cream and ricotta used mainly as an appetizer or as a condiment of traditional dishes.

Build your own paradise. Puglia is not saturated with skyscrapers or houses or towns. On the contrary, it has many vast and green areas where you can plant your own plants. It is therefore a place recommended especially for those who have the so-called green thumb or who love animals. It is not uncommon to see people growing farm animals and recreating a small ecosystem in the backyard of their own home. These situations cannot be recreated in industrialised areas.

The coastline. Living in paradise 365 days a year is exactly what will happen if you move to Puglia. As already mentioned, Puglia has about 800km of coastline and immense and free beaches. Often the sea meets the mountain creating breathtaking landscapes that is impossible to find elsewhere. The Adriatic coast is more rocky and it is for this reason that it is not uncommon to find small hidden beaches in invisible coves.

The culture. Puglia is not only good food, landscapes, fish and sea. Although the region is distinguished from the others by these details, it is worth mentioning the 10,000 years of history it has gone through. If you are in Itria, for example, it is impossible not to be fascinated by the countryside. Or even the trulli of Alberobello, typical houses that are also World Heritage.

There are many museums with the rarest and most precious finds of all the civilizations that have crossed the Apulian territories. But more than anything else it is impossible to get bored if you think about the fact that in Puglia are always organized boat trips, excursions, trekking groups and even cooking lessons with the locals. For lovers of good music there is also a festival dedicated to the famous dance Pizzica. This festival is called "Festival of the Itria Valley" and is the most characteristic of the region.

Last but not least, Puglia is one of the easiest regions to reach as it is connected to other regions by more transport services. There are two airports, Bari and Brindisi, as well as trains that run all over the Adriatic coast and that allow you to reach any city. There are also direct flights from European cities but also from the United States (with a single stop in Rome or Milan).